PDSB Training

We offer the training Principles for moving clients safely (PDSB). This course is offered on a flexible schedule, either day or in the evening during the week and also intensive formula weekend. Our teachers can provide training directly to your organization.

The objectives of the training are: (these information are from the participant’s workbook: Principles for moving clients safely from association ASSTSAS) :

  • Analyze the components of the various client transfer situations and identify corrective measures for any aspects considered to be inadequate or unsafe ;
  • Transfer client safely using the appropriate level of assistance ;
  • Choose safe and effective methods (for both the caregiver and the client) based on the possibilities and limitations of the work situation ;
  • Provide clear instructions appropriately adapted to partners (client or co-workers) to optimize their contribution to the transfer ;
  • Share relevant safely information with members of your team.